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Where Are We Now?

We had another fun safe winter in Mexico, this year in Kino Bay as our Color Marino park near Teacapan closed.  It was colder and many annoying small flies when the wind wasn't hammering us.  Spring Break week with Heidi, Jaime and Emily was fun .. and they avoided the jellyfish.  We rented a private lot with a small casita plus RV hookup.  We biked a lot and enjoyed access to veg and fruit and fresh French bread every week.   We had a great 15 mile bike loop that kept us fit.  We took a road trip to Mazatlan for 2 weeks in February and had fun with Mary/Carl, Betty/Joel and partied with a bunch of our Onac amigos.


Now we head back to the Stop N Dock in Two Rivers for the summer so we can visit Larry's Mom in Manitowoc.  She seems to have adjusted well since we left and is participating in activities, etc.  I will volunteer to serve up ice cream at the Washington House in Two Rivers again.   


We'll have the grands for some biking fun and another August week at the VIllage Inn w/ all the girls.  Caslers invited us back to Minocqua for a weekend with the old cross-country skiing gang.


Back to Mexico for another warm winter.


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Updated pictures of Jaime and Emily posted 5/13/2015.

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